About Mortal Journey

About Mortal Journey

A fad or trend, those sometimes odd collective behaviors that are mutually followed by the general population, are intriguing, puzzling, and sometimes alarming. While those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it, those who fail to recognize fads are likely to miss out on the newest “in” thing.

Mortal Journey provides an extensive history of fads and trends from the 1800’s through modern day. Parents can use Mortal Journey to research, in depth, the latest trends and fads that their children may be a part of. Kids can use Mortal Journey to find the newest “in” thing and make sure they are not trailing behind their peers. And everyone can use Mortal Journey to discover the fads of yesteryear, research how those trends came about, and yes, chuckle at some of the strange behaviors the general public at times was willing to accept as the “norm”.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting Mortal Journey!

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