Author: Brian Haddock

Asking a date to the prom via elaborate “promposals” (2010’s) 0

Asking a date to the prom via elaborate “promposals” (2010’s)

Who says creativity and innovation is in the youth of the 2000’s is dead? These days it’s not enough to just ask your date to the high school prom. No, now you have to create a moment that will become as memorable as the magical night itself. One inventive Cedar Cliff High School student put Styrofoam cups on a chain-link fence near the school’s soccer fields, spelling out, “Prom?” Hershey sophomore Nick Pasquini gave his date a box of those little marshmallow peeps. When she finished eating the gooey treats, she saw, “Prom? Nick?” at the bottom. Welcome to “promposals”, the newest fad to sweep the country’s youth, and one that adds a healthy dose of romanticism back into the mix.

Smoking shisha flavored tobacco from a hookah waterpipe (2010’s) 0

Smoking shisha flavored tobacco from a hookah waterpipe (2010’s)

For kids hoping to avoid the drugs and alcohol crowd, the next best thing is a fad called a hookah which allows groups of teenagers and young adults to smoke flavored tobacco together, in a community-like environment, through a single, multi-hosed water pipe. What most teenagers do not know however, is that smoking from a hookah waterpipe is no safer than smoking cigarettes and in fact, with the additional of charcoal ignition and prolonged smoking-sessions, may indeed be even more harmful than traditional smoking methods.

Dancing the twist 0

The Twist Dance (1960’s)

Introduction The advent of Rock and Roll in the 1950’s introduced a profound change in the way men and women danced.  Rather than the traditional paired dance movements where the man and woman embraced...


The Hippie Counter Culture Movement (1960’s)

The 1960’s hippie counter culture movement involved a variety of concerns and beliefs. Their primary belief was that life was about being happy, not about what others thought you should be. Their “if it feels good, do it” attitudes included little forethought nor concern for the consequences of their actions.


Facebook (2000’s)

As of 2011, Facebook has over 600 million active users. It is estimated that 42% of the U.S. population have Facebook accounts. Popular with teenagers, Facebook has risen from a local college social networking site into one of the largest technology companies on the planet. And it did so in less than 5 years.


Prizefighting or Bare-Knuckle Boxing (1850’s)

Prize fighting, or pugilism or bare-knuckle boxing as it is also known as, became very popular during the middle 1800’s. Prizefighting is one of the oldest known sports. Two thousand year old paintings on the walls of Egyptian tombs depict ancient Sumerians competing in boxing matches. Boxing was an Olympic sport in 688 B.C. In ancient Greece, two men would sit face-to-face with fists wrapped in strips of leather, and strike each other repeatedly until one fell unconscious or was killed. Roman fighters wore leather straps plated with metal (called cestuses) in order to keep the lengths of prizefighting matches short.