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Salvia – the fake weed kids can buy over the counter

It’s real name is salvia divinorum but your kids know it as serenity or fake weed. They can buy it over the counter and the store clerk, who understands perfectly well what the child will do with the product, will tell them that it’s legal and harmless. Part of that is true – as of 2010, it was legal in most states.

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Cyberbullying 0


Kids have been bullying each other for many generations. With kids now conducting much of their social activities online, it only makes sense that bullying would carry over into their new communication medium. When bullying is conducted online, we call it cyber bullying (or cyberbullying). Cyberbullying can take many shapes and forms but the emotional damage it causes remains constant. Around the country there are many instances of suicides as a result of a victim being bullied, harassed, and humiliated online.

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