Current Trend Status

Trending Up

Sales of cooking books and attendance and culinary schools is skyrocketing.  Parties whereby friends gather in their kitchen and cook unique and different recipes in large crowded groups is rising.


Boys short hair
Started in Hollywood and is spreading eastward across the country.


Just the latest short-term fad.


Kids adverse to drugs are gravitating towards this and synthetic copycats are paving the way.


Men’s short swim trunks
Cyclical fashion trend.


Everyone does it!


Tablet PCs
SmartPhones showed us what is possible.


Google Chrome
Fast, secure, innovative.


Mobile credit card apps
The question isn’t why, but “who” will dominate this business.


Google Android
Open, innovative, cool.


Trending Down
Not the next MySpace but it’s reached its peak and is now a mature technology.


Illegal downloads
Costs and availability of legal downloads are reaching a point where they are more desirable and easy to access.


Microsoft Windows
Tripped on the smartphone front and the push towards the “application internet” is leading customers away from the traditional PC model.


Microsoft Internet Explorer
Slow, buggy and better alternatives.


The Web
Say what?  The web is slowly trending down as the “application internet”, client based applications utilizing data from the “cloud” begin to take its place.