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Prizefighting or Bare-Knuckle Boxing (1850’s)

Prize fighting, or pugilism or bare-knuckle boxing as it is also known as, became very popular during the middle 1800’s. Prizefighting is one of the oldest known sports. Two thousand year old paintings on the walls of Egyptian tombs depict ancient Sumerians competing in boxing matches. Boxing was an Olympic sport in 688 B.C. In ancient Greece, two men would sit face-to-face with fists wrapped in strips of leather, and strike each other repeatedly until one fell unconscious or was killed. Roman fighters wore leather straps plated with metal (called cestuses) in order to keep the lengths of prizefighting matches short.


The P90X Exercise Program

Kids boast about the intensity of their P90X workouts on the social network websites. Adults attribute stunning, almost unbelievable weight loss attributed to the success of the program. The P90X exercise program is popular with adults and teens. What is P90X? P90X, or Power 90 Extreme, is a home exercise system developed by Tony Horton in junction with the fitness and nutrition company, Beachbody.


Hacky Sack Footbags (1980’s)

Hacky Sacks, or footbags, were popular with youth in the United States during the 1980’s. During the peak of the fad, several million Hacky Sack footbags were sold sold each year. Surprisingly, the Hacky Sack had been invented nearly a decade earlier and footbags in general have been enjoyed by the public for many centuries.