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Asking a date to the prom via elaborate “promposals” (2010’s) 0

Asking a date to the prom via elaborate “promposals” (2010’s)

Who says creativity and innovation is in the youth of the 2000’s is dead? These days it’s not enough to just ask your date to the high school prom. No, now you have to create a moment that will become as memorable as the magical night itself. One inventive Cedar Cliff High School student put Styrofoam cups on a chain-link fence near the school’s soccer fields, spelling out, “Prom?” Hershey sophomore Nick Pasquini gave his date a box of those little marshmallow peeps. When she finished eating the gooey treats, she saw, “Prom? Nick?” at the bottom. Welcome to “promposals”, the newest fad to sweep the country’s youth, and one that adds a healthy dose of romanticism back into the mix.